A faraway home


Look with new eyes

Don’t look outside

look on the inside,

everything is merely a

guiding post

connecting dots

leading to the path within.

Look with new eyes

to the old you,

look in the gentle light

of a slowly awaking morning.


You are my tree, my

earth, the solid ground where I

stand. You are my roots.


Never doubt, never

doubt what you are to me: the

roots of my soul tree.


The universe brought

us together just so you

and I could be us.


I am your tree, your

earth, the solid ground where you

stand. I am your roots.


Slug and Lettuce, Richmond upon Thames

Sunday 15 May 2016, 19.18


On suffering

As Paul Tillich put it, suffering introduces you to yourself and reminds you that you are not the person you thought you were.


with one other
no more the other

one morning

I haven’t sat down
with me
to think how to go
simply this drift
sometimes I’m in it
mindless flowing
sometimes it’s unmoving
in me,
and, then, an expulsion
of a million thoughts
take over
on how to be.

05 Oct’14, Mumbai

Reading Tyler

I’m drowning
reading your words –
saved every single time

(reading Tyler Knott Gregson)

And what about those words
that come and disappear
in the twilight of ones dreams

I speak ceaseless
sometimes I sing, without tune
sometimes to myself
at others to you

You, not you
but you

and I wonder the
cauldron of your mind
so deep, so full
with unique pearls
of the same twenty six letters
woven together, each time, differently

reading you I feel
like a baby in the womb
of words yet to be born

floating in the immense
sea of a dreamless

a beating heart, just,
a beating heart
that is me.

All my breaths
I live
for that moment
of discovery

all my tears have
washed a million times
the fear:
what if it never comes.

would I have then lived, at all?

Sometimes they’re a miss
sometimes a clear note of music
dispersing like mist upon hitting
the shores of consciousness

I snatch the feelings
from within
the mist of a breaking word

05 Oct’14, Mumbai