21 Moons Debt

Our singing hearts paid
back the twenty one moons debt ~
To rise in rhythm.


Life & Intimacy

Thank you Serena Devi for sharing your vision and wisdom…so immense your inner clarity…you have a gift and you are a gift, to many of us.

I’m deeply grateful, this post in particular has found me today.

Diary of a MYSTIC


Usually life lessons come unexpected, all of the sudden you stumble and fall on a new landscape of discovery. Most of us, humans, mistaken loving with relationship. Loving rise from a neutral place of acceptance, allowing, openness and it develops into an adventure of self- realization.

In loving, you rooted in what lives in you and as you become more intimate with all aspects of soul, it grows and increase the personal power, it brings awareness and detachment. At the same time, its flame in the right direction fuels your soul journey and unfolds the Divine plan which is seeded in your existence, into a magnificent creation on form.

Relationships are how you choose to relate with love, within and without. It works more like the bridges to the source, like veins to the heart.

It changes all the time, it moves with pulses of awareness, sometimes slow and sometimes…

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